Step Stately

A long Dance for 3, 5, 7, or 9. Couple

Lead up all a D. change places each with his own keeping your faces still to the presence, the men slipping behinde the We. and the We. before the men, face all to the wall ! Men hands and We. hands, first man and 2. Wo. lead all the rest round to the bottome, facing all to the presence:

The first man and Wo. being in the middle, lead up all a brest a D. and back ! We. slip before the men to the right, and men behind the We. to the left, going a compasse to their places as at first :

The first Cu. lead up a D. change hands and lead down a D. ! Take hands with the 2. Cu. and all foure halfe round, first man and 2. Wo. change places : The 2. We. lead up between the 2. man, then crossing over, the first Wo. go behind the 2 man, and the 2. behinde the first ! Men change over by the right hands then giving left hands to their owne We. turne the first Cu. in the 2. place and the 2. in the first :

First Cu. crosse over, meet in the 2. place, change places ! The three uppermost men, and the three We. hands, fall a D. back 2 and 3. Cu. change each with his owne, while the first Cu. meet, then fall a D. back againe 3. and 3. : Now standing as in Greenwood, the first man between the 2. and 3. Wo. and the first Wo. between the 2. and 3. man, the first Cu. lead up, cast off and meet below, whilest the 2. and 3. We. and the 2. and 3 man change places ! The first Cu. being in the 3. place, armes whilst the other foure take hands and go half round to the left :

The English Country Dance Master (1651)
John Playford

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